AMCI Scrutiny Wing

AMCI SCRUTINY WING is a due diligence/ protocol wing of AMCI who shall be responsible for reviewing all the necessary documentation submitted by the RAMP for council membership in India as well as Globally. Documents which shall be submitted by the prospective council RAMP members shall be their academic qualification and their RAMP license in the form of scanned PDF copy (s).

Post receipt of the relevant documents, AMCI SCRUTINY WING shall carry out the thorough due diligence of the documents provided by the existing RAMP’s which shall include cross examination of their academic qualifications from the concerned University (s) / Institute (s) and from the desk of the License Issuing Authority. If the documents are found genuine/authentic, then and only then the concerned RAMP shall be offered AMCI membership.

Things don’t end there for AMCI SCRUTINY WING. Their further roles and responsibilities include keeping a track on the AMCI RAMP member activities, just to ensure that the concerned member is only practicing that treatment/ therapy which has been mentioned by him/ her at the time of registering himself/ herself as AMCI member. If the wing finds something suspicious with regards to public opinion about the practice/ treatment/ therapy and any different practice/ treatment/ therapy as mentioned in the membership form, then this wing reserves the authority to suspend RAMP’s license for a period of three working months post consultation with the top council heads and shall also serve a memo demanding explanation towards the same from the concerned RAMP. If the explanation is found satisfactory, then the suspended license will be restored and if the explanation is not found satisfactory, then further three working months shall be offered to the RAMP in question to fulfill and submit his re-explanation with the circumstantial evidences. If then too the RAMP in question fails to satisfy the queries as put forward by the AMCI SCRUTINY WING, then the wing has complete authority to revoke the concerned RAMP’s license on a permanent note and AMCI shall dismiss the rights of the RAMP in question to become the member of any other medical council, dismissal of RAMP’s right to practice/ treat patient (s) PAN INDIA and Globally, dismissal of RAMP’s right to venture with any other RAMP and carry on his practice/treatment/ therapy in other RAMP’s clinic/therapy center/ treatment center. To further up, AMCI shall also ensure RAMP’s dismissal and revoking of his/ her rights, roles and responsibilities via paper notice (s) displayed in local, regional and national newspaper (s), AMCI notice board.

AMCI shall also update the dismissal of RAMP License and his/her dismissal of Practice and treatment rights to the concerned urban local bodies (ULB) and the concerned police station governing the jurisdiction of the dismissed RAMP.

The functionality of AMCI SCRUTINY WING shall also be applicable on students applying for Graduation course (s) in AMCI, for fresh RAMP CERTIFICATION PROCESS and also for non AMCI RAMP members but who enjoy AMCI membership.