RAMP Membership with AMCI:

Who Is Ramp?

Registered Alternate Medical Practitioner (“RAMP”) is an alternate medical doctor who has graduated/ is graduating from the government recognized/non-government recognized/ private institute/academy, Accredited/ non-accredited/University/ College of any stream/therapies of Alternative Medical practice and treatment for gaining optimal education in the field of alternate medical study in his/her particular stream/therapy as learned and passed by any board of education. Apart from gaining education, he/ she also has to do internship under a certified RAMP and understand the symptoms and cures practically (which we call live case study) and once he/she is recommended by the certified RAMP regarding the ability of him/ her to start practicing on his/her own capability, then and only then he/ she gains the authentic license of being a RAMP.

AMCI has a RAMP form for new application, to be signed with registration number of recommended by the certified RAMP holder , should be signed by any local municipal body/person to certify his practice, any doctor to certify his/her personal medical fitness and any lawyer to attest a notary with true copy seal with signature.

Requisites of RAMP to become member of AMCI

Existing as well as newly licensed RAMP will have to login to our website page and fill up the mandatory form along and have to scan and upload their academic certificate (s) and license copy (s) as an attachment and submit the same to our council. There shall be a nominal membership fee involved which has to be borne by the prospective member via online payment gateway (the e-receipt of which shall be sent to the prospective member’s registered email id at par). Prospective member can also submit the information via our upcoming mobile app AMPAMT (ALTERNATE MEDICAL PRACTICE AND MEDICINE TREATMENT) which shall be available in android platform. For more information, kindly download from mobile application store.
Post submission, our due diligence team shall scrutinize the information submitted by the prospective member and shall certify the acceptance provided the RAMP parameters are duly met.

Fee charged/ levied is neither Refundable nor Adjustable.
RAMP Registration by Indian Rs: 30,000/-
RAMP Registration by Foreigner Rs: 40,000/-
Renewal (Annually) by Indian Rs: 300/- Per Year
Renewal (Annually) by Foreigner Rs: 400/- Per Year

Benefits of AMCI membership

As per AMCI ethics regulations you need to be a member of a medical association. For the advancement of his profession, a physician should affiliate with associations and societies of nutraceutical medical professions and involve actively in the functioning of such bodies.

1. You shall be representing the largest medical professional council of the world.
2. You can choose to go for 10 year membership or a lifetime membership.
3. AMCI also will be having an overseas doctor’s wing. So even if you get posted out of India in future, you still remain in touch with AMCI.
4. If your posting is transferable, you can also become a direct member of AMCI.
5. Every new member of AMCI get AMCI Welcome Kit which include AMCI Certificate, AMCI ID Card and welcome email.
6. Using AMCI IDs members can avail many facilities & privileges in various states and cities.

Some of the privileges are mentioned as below:
1. All members gets eAMCI - a monthly bulletin of AMCI. AMCI journal is an Indexed Journal.
2. In a state, an AMCI member can get promoted in the alternate medical council.
3. AMCI shall/will facilitate its members with discounts offered by Hotels, Restaurants, Brands, Cars, RO water, Air filters etc.
4. AMCI also recognizes doctors at branch, state, zone and PAN INDIA and Global level with awards, honors, orations and recognitions.
5. AMCI also will be having an overseas doctor’s wing. So even if you get posted out of India you still remain in touch with AMCI.

Privileges of Service Doctors

AMCI service doctors retirement age generally shall be 65yrs but can be considered to prolong the retirement period on council prime bearers consideration.

Privilege for spouse and children

Many branches are proposed have spouse and children wings.
AMCI shall offer privileges to update one’s knowledge and skills via online discussions and consultations.

As per AMCI ethics regulation, prospective member (s) shall need to attend CONTINUING ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL EDUCATION (CAME) and AMCI will be more than happy to provide a platform for the same. "General and non-specialized RAMP should participate in professional meetings as part of Continuing Alternative Medical Education programmers, for certain hours every five years which shall be organized by reputed professional, academic bodies or any other authorized organizations. The compliance of this requirement shall be in the registers of AMCI.

Proposed Add-Ons:

1. AMCI shall/will set-up a College of General Practitioners (AMCCGP) which shall provide fellowships, fellow of college of general practitioners and GP training programs.
2. AMCI shall/ will have Alternate Medical Specialties Wing to look after the interest of specialists and organize specialist-oriented CME programmers. One can also become a fellow of ALTERNATE MEDICAL COUNCIL OF ALTERNATE MEDICAL STUDIES (AMCAMS).
3. AMCI institute wing of AMCI shall/ will provide distance learning CME modules.
4. AMCI shall recurrently come out with regular guidelines, white papers and stands on various issues. AMCI shall be the first to know, warn, send alerts and participate in all-natural calamities and outbreaks.
5. AMCI shall organize multi location CME in multiple locations at the same time.
6. AMCI shall organize weekly webcast every one day of the week on topics of national interest @ AMCI website.
7. AMCI shall/ will run a paramedics institute and trains technicians (AMCPI).
8. AMCI shall/ will regularly organize educational tours within and outside India (medical excursions).
9. AMCI shall/ will also have a skill development department.
10. Most state branches shall/ will have libraries for AMCI members.
11. AMCI shall/ will develop regular guidelines on various medical issues

Community Service Privileges

1. AMCI shall provide an opportunity to members to serve with dignity and participate in various community service programmers.
2. AMCI proposed wing “KANYA DULAARI” shall work for the interest of girl child.
3. AMCI NRI/ Foreign National members can get opportunity for lecturing or a community service when they visit India.
4. AMCI also proposes to run a national AMCI Disaster Management Cell (AMCDMC) under which AMCI shall provide help in any national calamity by setting up trauma and rescue camps. 5. AMCI shall offer Medical Protection against Violence, Medical Establishments and Equipment.
6. AMCI shall run its own National Professional Protection Scheme called AMTERNATE MEDICAL COUNCIL NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL PROTECTIONYOJANA (AMCNPPY) to protect the members and help them in case of harassment, litigation etc. which may arise during the process of their professional practice and also to provide legal aid to the members of the Scheme.
7. AMCI proposes to run a National Social Security Scheme for its members (AMCINSSS)
8. AMCI shall/ will also negotiate for equipment at special rate (s) for its members.
9. AMCI shall/will unconditionally support all members during professional crisis. AMCI shall also pursue most state government in enacting Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage of Property) Act which provides protection to doctors and their medical establishments.

Research Privileges:

1. AMCI shall/ will have an Independent Ethics Committee for promoting research amongst its members.
2. AMCI shall/ will have an Independent Infection Control committee for guiding infection control guidelines and containing policy.
3. AMCI ethics regulation shall/ will allow one to publish their research in AMCI journals and conferences “Endorsement: A medical practitioner shall not endorse any drug or product of the industry publically. Any study conducted on the efficacy or otherwise of such products shall be presented to and / or through appropriate scientific bodies or published in appropriate scientific journals in a proper way”.
4. AMCI journal shall/ will be indexed
5. Articles in AMCI journals can be entitled for AYUSH research and requirements.

Social Benefits:

AMCI shall/ will be the only professional and social platform for alternate doctors updating their knowledge and helping new friendship & fellowship.

Financial Benefits:

1. Soon one can claim income tax exemption for payments against membership. By using AMCI platform one updates one’s knowledge which results in more professional income. This type of expenditure is allowed under section 37 of Income tax of India “ 37: general: Any expenditure (not being expenditure of the nature described in sections 30 to 362[***] and not being in the nature of capital expenditure3 or personal expenses of the assesses), laid out or expended wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business or profession shall be allowed in computing the income chargeable under the head “Profits and gains of business or profession”.
2. Soon one can give donations to AMCI and get exemption under 80G.
3. AMCI shall/ will also run a health scheme.
4. AMCI shall/ will support its members in cases of death or disability through AMCI benevolent fund.
5. AMCI has a costing department which rationalizes professional fee and charges.
6. One can attend branch, state, zonal and national AMCI annual conference and also participate in annual general body meetings.
7. One can have an access to local branch, state, zonal and National AMCI directory.
8. One can network with other state and local branches of AMCI.
9. AMCI members get an opportunity to become an office bearer of local AMCI branch, of state AMCI or of zonal AMCI or of PAN INDIA AMCI.

Proposed Privileges for AMCI owned medical establishment:

1. AMCI shall/ will have hospital board of India wing with its branches in various states which shall/ will look after the interests of clinical establishments owned by AMCI.
2. AMCI also shall/will/can tie up with NABH for facilitating entry level NABH accreditation of small health care facilities ( < 50 beds).
3. AMCI shall/ will also certify AMCI clinics.
4. AMCI shall/ will also run baby friendly hospitals initiative.
5. AMCI shall/ will be working for single window clearance for most registrations.
6. AMCI shall/ will regularly fight for the fait insurance coverage of medical establishments.

Legal Help and Protection from Litigation:

1. AMCI Anti Quackery wing will fight against quackery in the country
2. AMCI has its own AMCI Mediation and Grievance Cell for handling patient doctor and doctor to doctor disputes.
3. AMCI has AMCI Self Code of Conduct
4. AMCI has AMCI Digital Code of Conduct
5. AMCI has Social Media Code of Conduct
6. AMCI has code of conduct for institutions
7. AMCI has code of conduct for smaller establishments
8. AMCI is making code of conducts for doctor pharma, doctor chemist, doctor nurse, doctor patients and doctor hospital relationships.
9. AMCI can raise issues through RTI on regular basis.
10. AMCI legal cell files PIL and raises issue for amendments in laws
11. How to respond to a complaint, AMCI has a format
12. AMCI has a white paper on what is not unethical
13. AMCI has a paper on dilemmas faced by medical professionals.

Additional Membership Privileges For Existing RAMPs

The following are the mandatory requirements for joining the guild as well as for getting certified (if the individual is an existing doctor):-

1. Eligible for guidance in Alternative medical Practice/Alternative Medicine Treatment/Alternative Therapies/treatment equipment manufacturing & sales.
2. Eligible for guidance in Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturing, marketing, sales, retail, online portal.
3. Eligible for Professional Certificate (Alternative Medical Practitioner)
4. Eligible for Registered Alternative Medical Practitioner (Alternative Medicine)
5. Eligible for Sale of products on our upcoming Ecommerce –Portal (online sale)
6. Eligible for individual Promotion online.
7. Eligible for company Promotion online.
8. Eligible for Products Promotion online.
9. Eligible for sales of products in Domestic & International Market.
10. Eligible for guidance in Government schemes.
11. Eligible for guidance in Government subsidy.
12. Eligible for guidance in Government Loans.
13. Eligible for guidance in Government insurance.
14. Eligible for guidance in Government Licenses.
15. Eligible for guidance in Government patent and copyright.
16. Eligible for guidance in Government Lab for product report.
17. Eligible for guidance in Government & Supreme Court Orders for Alternative Medical Practitioners.
18. Eligible for guidance in any Legal Issue related to Practice & Manufacturing.
19. Eligible for guidance in Opening Clinic, Manufacturing, Designing, Packaging & Sales.
20. Eligible for guidance in Research on therapy, instrument, product.
21. Eligible for guidance in Manufacture/marketing/sailing of organic fertilizers
22. Eligible for guidance in Teach Organic farming therapy.(zero budget organic farming)
23. Eligible for guidance in India & International Exhibition, Expo and Display platform.
24. Eligible for guidance in Domestic & International Market (Export)
25. Eligible for guidance in B2C market.
26. Eligible for guidance in B2C market.
27. Eligible for guidance in Nature Adventure Trip, tracking, knowledge trip, conferences, Live Shows, Camps, adventure camp, herb camp, nature camp, medical camp.

RAMP Membership with AMCI: Certificate:

RAMP Membership with AMCI: Eligible Therapies:

Acupressure Acupuncture Affirmative prayer
Alternative cancer treatments Animal-Assisted Therapy Anthroposophic Medicine
Apitherapy Applied kinesiology Aquatherapy
Aromatherapy Art Therapy Astrology
Attachment therapy Auriculotherapy Autogenic training
Autosuggestion Ayurveda Bach flower Remedy
Balneotherapy Bioresonance therapy Blood irradiation therapies
Body work or Massage therapy Cell therapy Chelation therapy
Chiropractic Chromotherapy (color therapy, colorpuncture) Cinema therapy
Coding (therapy) Coin rubbing Craniosacral therapy
Crystal healing Cupping Therapy Dietary supplements
Dowsing Ear candling Eclectic Psychotherapy
Electromagnetic therapy Equine-assisted therapy Energy therapies
Faith healing Fasting Feldenkrais method
Feng shui Five elements Flower essence therapy
Functional medicine German New Medicine Grahamism
Gua sha Graphology Hair analysis
Hijama Holistic living Holistic medicine
Homeopathy Home remedies Horticultural therapy
Hydrotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapy
Hatha yoga Havening Herbalism
Hawaiian massage (Lomilomi Massage) Introspection rundown Iridology
Isolation tank Isopathy Journaling
Kampo Laughter therapy Light therapy
Macrobiotic lifestyle Magnetic healing Manipulative therapy
Manual lymphatic drainage Martial arts Medical Intuitive
Meditation Mindfulness meditation Meridian (Chinese medicine)
Megavitamin therapy Metal therapy Mind–body intervention
Aromatherapy Autogenic training Autosuggestion
Bach flower therapy Feldenkrais method Hatha yoga
Hypnotherapy Moxibustion Music therapy
Myofascial release Naprapathy Natural Health
Natural Herbal therapy Natural Spa therapy Natural Mud & Clay therapy
Natural Beauty Cosmetic therapy New thought Neuro-linguistic programming
Numerology Nutraceuticals Panchgavya
Panchakarma Dilates Power yoga
Pranic healing Prayer Psychic surgery
Physiotherapy Qi Radionics
Rebirthing Recreational Therapy Reflexology
Rolfing Structural Integration Salt Therapy
Self-hypnosis Siddha medicine Sonopuncture
Spiritual mind treatment Support groups T'ai chi ch'uan
Tantra massage Thai massage Thalassotherapy
Tea therapy (tea leaves, plant, tree, roots, green tea) Therapeutic horseback riding Therapeutic touch
Tibetan eye chart Traditional Chinese medicine Traditional Japanese medicine
Traditional Mongolian medicine Traditional Tibetan medicine Trager approach
Transcendental meditation Trigger point Tui na
Unani medicine Urine therapy/ Uropathy Vaginal steaming
Vipassana Visualization/ Visualization (cam) Water cure (therapy)
Wellness Yoga Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga Bikram yoga And Many More