AMCI Certification

Certification is a procedure which enables the prospective candidate to seamlessly and effectively carry on his practice/service in the open market (be in PAN INDIA or be it global). We at AMCI being legitimately assigned the certification powers by the Federal Body (s) are taking the lead step in certifying the following:


In this process, the students belonging to any Bachelor stream of academics (preferably Science but not restricted to only Science stream) and coming in the educational degree of 10th grade, 12th grade, diploma grade, engineering grade, Phd grade or bachelors grade or even Masters grade can conveniently join the alternate medical course provided by AMCI. The curriculum involves three (03) years of academics and written exams. The curriculum can be on regular colleging basis or on direct examination basis (whichever is convenient to the prospective student). In this case, fresh students have to undergo the entire course of academics and from the earmarked institutes of AMCI whereas the existing alternate medicine students can directly enroll for written exams and write their exams in the CERTIFIED EXAMINATION CENTRES OF AMCI. The examination paper (s) so written and submitted by the students shall be examined and verified by the AMCI doctors/ professors and shall be extremely strict in nature. The report card shall be offered in the form of hard copy as well as the soft copy in pdf file format which shall be emailed to the registered email id of the prospective student. Students who pass the examination shall be felicitated and shall be offered the certificate of alternate medicine graduation by AMCI in the way of Convocation Ceremony.


In this category, the already graduated AMCI/ non AMCI students shall be provided internship under REGISTERED ALTERNATE MEDICIAL PRACTITIONERS (RAMP) who are the active council members of AMCI for two years. No stipends shall be provided to the students during this course. They shall be inducted practical execution of the alternate medicines and shall be exposed to live case study which involves live report study, live treatment exposure and live data creation. Once the RAMP feels and submits his satisfaction to the prime council bearers about the internship student’s capability of carrying on the practice on his/her own credentials, then and only then shall AMCI certify the prospective alternate medical student graduate to be RAMP.


AMCI has been granted authority and powers by Federal Body (s) to exercise the process of re-certification of existing RAMP’s PAN INDIA and GLOBALLY (kindly refer to AMCI legal disclaimer). The purpose of re-certification is to ensure the genuine and authentic RAMP to be available for treatment to people and to avoid fake RAMP from exercising powers to practice and to finally avoid maligning the image of RAMP in India as well as globally.

How this Works?

AMCI SCRUTINY WING shall collect the necessary database of all the existing non AMCI RAMP in India as well as globally and appeal all the existing non AMCI RAMP’s to provide their academic certification (s) and RAMP license (s) either in the form of hard copy or as a scanned pdf copy over the email.

Post receipt of the relevant documents, AMCI SCRUTINY WING shall carry out the thorough due diligence of the documents provided by the existing non AMCI RAMP’s which shall include cross examination of their academic qualifications from the concerned University (s) / Institute (s) and from the desk of the Registrar. If the documents are found genuine, then the concerned RAMP shall be offered AMCI CERTIFICATION and can continue his/her medical practice and medical treatments but if found suspicious, then AMCI has the powers to revoke and temporarily suspend that RAMP (s) license to practice and treat patients ad shall be offered a grace period to submit his authentic documents. If the concerned RAMP fails to comply, then his/her RAMP license shall be permanently revoked and dismissed and he/she shall be deferred and refrained from any medical practice and medical treatment in future and shall also lead to legal proceedings.


This certification category shall be to authenticate genuine alternate medicine clinics, hospitals, wellness centers, therapy centers and pharmacy (s) in India as well as globally and to also ensure genuine practice and treatments and authentic medicine inventory with the pharmacy (s) thereby demolishing the risk of adulteration on a permanent note.


This procedure is applicable for all Alternate Medical Doctors, Medicine Clinics, Treatment Centers, Alternate Medical Hospitals, Wellness Centers, Therapy Centers, Alternate Medical Pharmacy, Alternate Medicine Product Manufacturers/ Processors, Alternate Product Marketing Agency (s), Individual Products, Alternate Medical Tools and Instruments.

All the facilities/ services mentioned above shall be Authorized/ Approved/ Sanctioned/ Recommended/ Endorsed by AMCI as per AMCI standard (s) in the following manner:

Post submission of all the necessary document (s) which involves certificates, licenses, etc. depending on the nature of operation/ services, AMCI shall deploy its physical team to officially visit the registered address of the concerned applicant to conduct its due diligence activities by way of premise (s) scrutiny, ambiance standards (which means whether the premise is structurally and environmentally fit and suitable to operate), document (s) verification (s), etc. Post satisfaction of the physical due diligence conducted, the concerned AMCI team shall submit their reports in the authorized AMCI format to the core managing committee and once the core managing committee is satisfied and submit their written consent to the AMCI topmost authority, then and only then AMCI shall certify the applicant by sending the respective certificate applied for and shall be received by the applicant via postal service as a hard copy and supported by a welcome email sent by AMCI to the registered email id of the applicant.